Access to Leaders and Teaching that will shed light on your business in today's Home Care Industry

October 2, 2018 -- 8am-4pm

The American Board of Home Care  recognizes the significant changes and uncertainty that continue to develop in California's rapidly evolving non-medical home care industry. These changes have most significantly impacted the home care agencies that must now navigate these challenges. The difficulties faced include maintaining quality of care for their clients, ensuring state compliance for their caregivers, all while working to thrive in a changing marketplace. The challenges are significant!

Building on the success of previous years, our 3rd Annual Symposium is geared toward providing HCOs and affiliated professionals with hope and the tools to navigate the presently complex California homecare industry. We are excited to provide you with the most current and relevant information available; delivered to you by top level presenters. Don't miss this opportunity to be equipped to turn today's uncertainty into tomorrow's successes!

The American Board of Home Care represents a coalition of businesses in, and affiliated with, the non-medical home care industry, that are dedicated to serve as a platform for unified action and the development of common, lawful standards of professional conduct and ethics among home care companies, and to ensure compliance with all licensure rules regulations and laws.


ABHC has consistently taken a leadership position by establishing minimum standards of delivery of care services and business ethics for the non-medical home care industry in California.


As part of ABHC’s goals to protect consumers and raise the level of the delivery of home care services, ABHC is holding its 3rd Annual Educational Symposium on October 2nd of 2018.